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The plan depends on your traffic

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Every plan contains

Online chat
Pop-up forms
Email campaigns
Web pushes (soon)
Marketing automation
Web analytics with A/B tests
eCRM with data about every website visitor
Free chat support and knowledge base

Additional features

Email builder (soon)
Conversation and operators report
Unique domain name
Additional email pack
$0.3 for 1000 emails

Frequently asked questions

What if I have multiple websites?

You can connect all your websites to one account. You'll have a separate access to each one of them and a separate group of operators/administrators. Each website should be paid separately. If your websites are on the same domain, we recommend you to set up one software code on them - in this case, you'll have to pay only for one site.

What happens if the number of website visitors would be more than the limit in the chosen plan?

First of all, software work won't stop automatically. Second, you'll either get an overrun bill according to the current plan or you'll be offered to upgrade your plan. We'll propose the most profitable option for you.

How to set up the software with maximum efficiency?

For our clients, we make educating webinars and create detailed cases with examples from particular industries. Also, we help to set the software up via chat. A lot of our first-month clients get "Implementation" service in order to get the best result.

How do we count unique website visitors?

If one person visited the website one time yesterday and two times today — this is still one unique visitor.

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