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Negative churn?! Let’s do it!

There are two types of churn: churn of customers and of MRR (regular monthly income). The first one is the number of customers who stopped using your software and decided

Microconversion – Underestimated Small Steps on the Way to the Customer

Companies are used to assessing only the main target actions like registrations and sales. Wait. What about the steps in between? Do we have to fight for likes on Facebook?

17 Great Ways to Collect an Email Database for Mailing

As you name the email campaign, so it “floats.” This phrase is only partially true. Where to go if you have only a few or no subscribers? Here are 17

How Not to Drown in the Sea of ​​Information?

Getting information has never been so easy – all one needs to do is reach out. Marketers enjoy this more than others – there’s almost unlimited access to materials for